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Monday, 1 December 2008

Who can Receive Zakat or Zakah?

Allah in holy Qur'an has determined people who are allowed to receive zakat or zakah. In Surah At-Taubah verse 60, Allah mentioned that there are eight groups of people that are entitled to receive it. These people are:

  1. Fuqara:  The word Fuqara is a plural form of the word Faqir. Fuqara means the people who really need the help from others to fulfill the needs of their everyday life since they do not have a adequate job. Faqir also means people who do not work as beggar even if they do not have adequate works  to fulfill their life needs. We can conclude the word Fuqara as the poor. 
  2. Masakin: means poor people. This words describes  people who just do not have sufficient assets to fulfill daily needs. We can conclude the word Fuqara as the needy. 
  3. Amilin: it means Zakah collector or people who are chosen by people or Muslim authority to manage zakah. 
  4. Muallafatul Qulub:  The poor  or needy people who are given Zakah to solidify his/her iman after converting to Islam.
  5. Ar-Riqab means slaves. The Slaves have rights to receive zakah to set themselves free. Zakah is used to pay their freedom amount.
  6. Ibnus-Sabil: means people who are living in a traveling and need help to fulfill their daily needs and financial assistance. Islamic Jurisprudence has noted that the traveler may receive zakah as long as their travels are not intended for bad purposes. 
  7. Al Ghaarimin: it means people or a person whose debts exceeds his assets. He/she has no adequate ability to pay the debts and fulfill their daily needs, such as food, clothing,  and his net assets (after deducting his liabilities) is below the Nisab limit. To determine whether a person qualifies, his basic necessities of life (house, furniture, clothes, vehicle, etc.). This kind of people have right to receive zakah as long as the debts are not used for sinful purposes.
  8. Fi Sabilillah: The word fi sabilillah has multiple definitions. Sabilillah basically means people who are working for Islam or for general goodness. It includes also people who are studying to learn some knowledge for goodness. 


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abdul said...

Shukar Alhamdulillah i am doing job and earning for bitterness of my family,but i have no money to save nor enough nisab to pay Zakat.I have only 48 Grams of Gold Jewellery.

Am i suppose to pay Zakat on basis of my jewellary, or am i able to receive Zakat for my own use from relatives?
Please reply me in the light of Quran and hadees,

abdul subhan

Abdulaahi Mohamed said...

My name Abdullah I m Muslim I live USA no money no food no jobs I need pay bills my last job get fired when I get no money to doctor my situation is very very bad need help brothers Muslim

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